HowTo - Convert Audible Files (aax) to mp3

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install the programms from above in the prefered way for you system.

Let’s get started

Get “AUTHCODE” from audible

For decrypting your *.aax files, you need your personal “activation_bytes” (authcode) from audible.

$ audible-activator -l <LANGUAGE>
$ audible-activator -l de

Username: <USER>@<EMAIL>.com
Password: <PASSWORD>
[*] Player ID is 2jmj7l1234567kK/YBwk=
activation_bytes: d8cf12345

Transcoding your Files

The activation_bytes from audible-activator is the <AUTHCODE> in AAXtoMP3

$ AAXtoMP3 d8cf12345 awesome_audiobook.aax