HOWTO - Install SnapScan S1300 Driver on Linux

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This is a HowTo for installing the Drivers of a Futjisu SnapScan S1300 document scanner on Linux (e.g. ArchLinux)

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  • sane is installed


Download the Drivers:

find scanner

sudo sane-find-scanner
found USB scanner (vendor=0x04c5 [FUJITSU], product=0x11ed [ScanSnap S1300]) at libusb:003:010

create relevant folders

sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/sane/epjitsu

copy the drivers

sudo cp <PATH-TO>/1300_0C26.nal /usr/share/sane/epjitsu/1300_0C26.nal

update configuration settings

make sure the following entry exists in /etc/sane.d/epjitsu.conf

# Fujitsu S1300
firmware /usr/share/sane/epjitsu/1300_0C26.nal
usb 0x04c5 0x11ed

or equivalent for other scanner models

(optional) reboot you computer

sudo reboot


scanimage -L

Nothing will happen for a few seconds, that’s normal. After a short time you should hear the scanner spool up and the light will turn solid blue. Once that’s happened the terminal should return something like:

device 'epjitsu:libusb:003:008' is a FUJITSU ScanSnap S1300 scanner